Also Known As Review (Endless Games)

Also Known As
What It Is

The game includes 324 "main round" AKA cards, 163 "final round" AKA cards, one 60 second sand timer, 1 wipe-off scoreboard, 1 dry erase marker, and a set of instructions. 

Gameplay is divided into two parts: a "main round" (where the winner is the first team to give 5 correct answers), and a "final round" where one team tries to outscore the other. One player will "host" the game (i.e. read questions and confirm answers), and other players will divide into two teams. The "main round" is straightforward enough with each team trying to answer first and get to 5 points quickest with no real time limit other than the other team's quickness. Meanwhile "final round" sessions go in 60 second intervals with the losers of the "main round" getting the first crack at it; two categories are chosen to ensure a fair chance. 

Is It Fun?

Yes;  proudly boasting over 1400 AKA challenges, the game definitely lives up to this and should provide a good amount of longevity, even with the inability to refill trivia cards over time. The AKAs are also INCREDIBLY clever, so it should be a fun time for anyone involved no matter the result!

Who It’s For
Trivia enthusiasts and parody writers ages 12+.
What To Be Aware Of
No additional refill cards are available as of this review, though with the plentiful amount available, this shouldn't be a big problem!
  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy