Ryan's World Mystery Microverse Collectibles Review (Bonkers Toys)

Ryan's World Mystery Microverse Collectibles
What It Is

Find big play with Ryan through the mini collectibles of the Ryan's World Mystery Microverse. There are all-new two-inch figures to collect of favorite characters from the Ryan ToysReview YouTube channel. And there are multiple ways to collect them.

Each Mystery Microverse Mystery Micro Figure 2 Pack contains two hidden figures inside the circular bag. Open it up to reveal one of the different Ryan figures or a figure of Gus or Combo Panda. The back of the bag shows the 12 figures to collect in series 1.

The Mystery Microverse Mystery Micro Figure 5 Pack contains five figures. One of them is visible in the package, but the other four will only be revealed when you open up the box and the blind bags inside. The back of the box shows 15 different figures to collect in series 1, some of which are the same from the 2 Packs, but we think that the 5 Packs might be the only way to get those three other figures.

And then there's the Mystery Microverse Mega Micro Egg. There are seven surprises inside. Open it up to unbox one of three possible micro vehicles, one of eight possible skydiver Ryan figures, two of 12 possible mystery stickers, one of eight possible putties, and two of 12 possible micro figures.

Is It Fun?

These will be fun for kids who are fans of Ryan, whether from watching him on YouTube or on his Nickelodeon TV show. Or maybe even both! We like the miniature size of the figures, which gives all the characters a super cute look, and it offers something new that fans can add to their collections. Kids will have fun unboxing their Ryan toys and pretending to be like Ryan as they open and play.

Who It’s For

The Ryan's World Mystery Microverse toys are for Ryan fans ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The Mega Micro Egg is available exclusively at Target.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy