Smart 10 Review (Bananagrams)

Smart 10
What It Is

The game comes packaged with 1 Smartbox, 10 answer markers, a rule sheet, and 100 double-sided question cards. Gameplay can be divided between anywhere from 2-8 players, and teamwork is required once going over the requisite 4 (given the scoring counter).

Gameplay is pretty straightforward as each player gets a chance to answer or pass; passing means a player cannot gain points, but answering allows players to earn as many points as they secure correct answers. Once all players have answered and passed (with scores being tallied up), any markers removed are placed back on the Smartbox, and a new card is drawn.

Switching cards is also relatively straightforward, and the smartbox itself is both sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. 

Is It Fun?

Yes; the variety of categories (ranging from True/False, Number, Order, Century/Decade, Color, and Open) should allow for a broad spectrum of knowledge bases to fairly compete. With the double sided nature of the cards and player's choice of point totals being in play (30 is recommended, but players are encouraged to go lower if desired), the 200 total trivia cards should have a decent shelf life

Who It’s For
Trivia and party game enthusiasts ages 10+.
What To Be Aware Of
True/false rules do change slightly, so be aware of that when playing; otherwise, no advisories here!
  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy