Jersey Dog Co. Leashes Review (Jersey Dog Co.)

Jersey Dog Co. Leashes
What It Is

The walker is a longer leash, at 34 inches long and is great for dogs and handlers that love to adventure! It is perfect for dogs that love to go for long walks, or go to the dog park, or for hiking. The leash's length allows the dog to stay close by but not directly underfoot.  

Why Is It Useful?

If your dog is doing agility work, hunting, or doing walks in tight areas you may want this shorter leash as you have more control.  The Heeler features the flexa pure material and comfort grip handle. 

Shock absorption is a great built-in benefit to both of these leashes, to prevent any whip-lashing effect on either the handler or the dog. 

These leashes are easily cleaned with soap and water and naturally resist bacteria, mold, and mildew. 

Who It’s For

There is no latex or rubber in these leashes, if you or your pet has any allergies to these materials. Plus they both have a comfort grip handle which is easy to navigate when your dog is an active puller.

What To Be Aware Of

They are a bulky design if you want to bring them in the car or put them in your pocket. 

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