Little People Cuddle & Play Nursery Review (Fisher-Price)

Little People Cuddle & Play Nursery
What It Is

Toddlers can play with and care for their Little People baby figures with this nursery play set that folds up to look like a diaper bag! There's a double-sided cloth that shows a diaper bag design on the outside of the set when it's closed. Open the set up to reveal the other side of the cloth, which shows a play area filled with fun activities such as a train set, random toys, mat, and a trampoline. When they're done, kids can pack up and secure the fun with two Velcro pieces.

Each set includes two baby figures: one boy in a green shirt and diaper holding a toy, and one baby girl in a pink bib and diaper. Three removable play pieces are also included: There's a changing table with an attached cloth that kids can turn back and forth to make it appear like they've changed the baby's diaper; there's also an exersaucer and a milk bottle. A flying bassinet piece is attached to the nursery window.  This offers plenty for kids to do! Feed one baby while the other baby plays in the bouncer, change diapers, enjoy playtime, and even get them ready for bed. 

Is It Fun?

There's so much role play for kids to explore. Caring for their own little baby helps kids understand how to be kind and loving to others. Grasping and moving the figures and play pieces helps strengthen your child's dexterity.

Who It’s For

This is an adorable set for babies 18 months and up. The Cuddle 'n Play Baby's Room puts toddlers in charge of all the caring role play, letting them act out moments from real life with their own little babies.

What To Be Aware Of
Storage is included, as everything can be packed up inside the play set when play time is over. 
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