Creatable World Dolls and Accessories Review (Mattel)

Creatable World Dolls and Accessories
What It Is

We were all introduced to the Creatable World collection last year and fell in love with the customizable characters! But now, there are even more fun packs to add to these collections. The Starter Packs are very simple. Each kit comes with a number sequence that tells you which doll you're getting. For example, number CS-073 includes one 11-inch doll with short black hair, wearing a removable top and shorts, plus one long-haired wig. You can switch from short hair to long hair in an instant just by putting on or taking off the wig. What also makes these pretty unique is that they have 13 points of articulation in the neck, shoulders, elbow, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles. 

To add more accessories, you can purchase a style pack to mix and match your doll's outfits. In this video, we have Rainy Day, Active-Wear, and Summer Style packs. Each pack comes with a complete outfit, shoes, and bag. 

The fun doesn't stop there! You can also wig it out with two-pack hair wigs. In pack H-294, you get a choice of a long green wig with yellow highlights, or a wig with curly pink hair! ?With pack H-231, choose between a long and straight coral pink wig, or a long braided teal wig. 

Is It Fun?

Children will enjoy being able to play with these dolls any way they want. The customization makes them very unique and the different styles available to mix-and-match, swap, or share will give kids a blank canvas to create different characters over and over again. There's plenty of expressive play and the bendable joints give kids more ways to play out stories. 

Who It’s For
These make a great gift to inspire imaginative play for all kids ages 6 years and up.
What To Be Aware Of

Due to the short hairstyle on the dolls, when you place a wig on their heads, it looks like they have bangs. Therefore, when you use a wig with a different hair color, the original hair peeks through, and some kids might not like that look. 

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