Kitten Catfe Purrista Girls Series 1 and Meowble Scented Plush Review (Jakks Pacific)

Kitten Catfe Purrista Girls Series 1 and Meowble Scented Plush
What It Is

There are so "meowy" surprises to collect with Kitten Catfe. This new collectible toy line combines kittens, fashion, unboxings, and pretend food play. 

Each coffee cup in the Kitten Catfe Purrista Girls Series 1 includes a cat-inspired doll that is full of purr-sonality. The cups come in blue, teal, pink, and purple. Each one has a coffee cup lid with ears and a tail, and underneath the lid there's a cat bed. But there's more to discover inside. In the bag labeled "Bis-catti" (like biscotti, get it?), you'll find the cat-themed doll with glittery eyes and a cool, removable hairdo - perfect for mix and match play. The other blind bags reveal a fluffy skirt, a top, shoes, and an accessory. Get the doll dressed up (it helps to remove the tail when putting on the skirt), and then get ready for yet another surprise. There's a pretend tea bag with one, two, or three Meowbles inside. What are Meowbles? Kind of like a cross between a cat and a marble. If you fill the Purrista coffee cup with cold water and dip the tea bag inside, you'll reveal the Meowbles, which are attached to a string. There are 12 Purrista Girls to collect, and you can keep track of both the dolls and the Meowbles on the collector's guide. It also tells you what your Purrista Girl's favorite drink is, and a recipe card tells you how to make it. Adult supervision is required.

There's another way to collect Meowbles. The Kitten Catfe Meowble Scented Plush collection is just what it sounds like: soft and squishy versions of Meowbles with a sweet berry scent. There are six of these round kittens to collect, and each one has a cute embroidered face and super soft fur.

Is It Fun?

Playing off the popular trend of cat cafes, this new toy line is the perfect merging of collectibles and pretend play. It's such a fun surprise to unbox everything in the cup, and then kids have the imaginative play with the doll and fashions, plus they can roleplay sipping a cat-pucino from the cup. Even though the Meowbles plush aren't a surprise, they're still really cute for roleplay and hugging.

Who It’s For

Kitten Catfe is for ages 3 and up, with a special appeal to kids who like cats.

What To Be Aware Of

The Purrista Girls and Meowbles Scented Plush are sold separately.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy