KindiKids Kindi Fun Delivery Scooter, Backpack, and Lunchbox Review (Moose Toys)

KindiKids Kindi Fun Delivery Scooter, Backpack, and Lunchbox
What It Is

If you have a Kindi Kid doll that needs some accessories, check out this Delivery Scooter that lets them scoot around town. It's a workable white scooter with an adorable puppy face on the front and three wheels that help it move around. Also included are two exclusive Shopkins: a cute Smoothie Shopkin and a sweet Strawberry Shopkin! Your KindiKid doll is able to sit on the seat and hold on to the handlebars. Keep in mind the doll is sold separately! Load up the delivery compartment in the back with Shopkins and move the scooter along to make a delivery! As you move it around, the dog's ears flap in the breeze!

For more fun, you can also purchase the lunchbox or backpack separately! The rectangular Kindi Lunchbox has an adorable puppy face on the front, with floppy blue ears that can be flipped up and down to clip or un-clip the lunchbox. There is also a handle on top. When you open the lunchbox, there are three compartments in which to keep the included accessories. You get three exclusive Shopkins: a Magic Spoon, a Fruit Cup treat, and a Stackable Sandwich. Activate the Shopkin Spoon's magic when you pull it out of the Fruit Cup, push it up to a Kindi Kid's mouth, and watch as your Kindi Kid appears to eat the fruit! 

Next there's the Kindi Fun Backpack! Featured on the backpack is a pink and purple owl face with a handle on top and two backpack straps. This set includes three exclusive Shopkins: a star-shaped clip-on Bag Tag that you can hook into a loop on the side of the backpack, a magic disappearing juice Sippy Cup, and a pack of Peek-A-Boo Crayons! See your Kindi Kid drink juice from the Sippy Cup! Hold it up to the Kindi Kidís mouth, tip the Sippy Cup, and watch the juice magically disappear as the doll sips! A cup holder on the side of the backpack can carry the Sippy Cup. 

Is It Fun?

Kindi Kids accessories bring a lot of fun to playtime with Kindi Kids. They create different imaginative play scenarios like delivering food, going to school, or having a picnic. I love how the accessories have animal faces on them. The size is perfect for the Kindi Kids and small hands, and they all have compartments where you can store accessories when done playing.

Who It’s For

Kids 4 and up who already have a Kindi Kid doll to enjoy the accessories. 

What To Be Aware Of

You can't enjoy these toys if you don't already have a Kindi Kid!

The scooter, backpack, and lunchbox are each sold separately. 

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