Shopkins Real Littles Freezer Series Review (Moose Toys)

Shopkins Real Littles Freezer Series
What It Is

BRRR-ing home some of the coolest new Shopkins with the brand new series of Shopkins Real Littles. Now kids can collect miniature versions of popular brands from the freezer aisle. Get ready for yummy collectible versions of Choco Taco, Popsicle, Breyer's ice cream, and Eggo, to name a few.

The collection starts small with the Real Littles two-packs, which include two Real Littles mini packs and two coordinating Shopkins. It may look like you're supposed to open these like a traditional box, but instead, you get to "defrost" these frozen treats. Swish the bag in water and the box will disappear, revealing the mini packs. (We actually thought it worked better by removing the plastic bag covering and just sticking the box in the water.) Open up the mini packs, which could be ice cream, frozen meals, popsicles, and more, to find the coordinating Shopkin inside. For ice cream, it might be a scoop of vanilla on a spoon. Check the collector's guide to keep track of your collection and see if your Shopkins are common, rare, or ultra rare. You might even find limited-edition Shiver Shopkins or a special edition Slush Puppie. There are 40 to collect across the freezer series.

Each Lil' Shopper Pack features a large ice cream-themed wrapper such as Choco Taco, Popsicle Scribblers, or Good Humor Birthday Cake ice cream bar. Inside each pack are seven Real Littles mini packs and seven Shopkins. The eighth mini pack and Shopkin are shown in the packaging. You don't have to dunk anything in water to reveal these. Just open it up. A collector's guide is also included.

And for even more collecting and play, there's the Stacey Cakes + Icy Treats Scooter pack. You get a Stacey Cakes doll dressed in a Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake ice cream bar-themed dress with Good Humor logo headband and wedge sandals. When not being displayed on the doll stand base, Stacey can ride around in her Good Humor scooter/food truck, serving up two mini packs and Shopkins of Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake bars and Chocolate Chip cookie sandwiches. The scooter has real-rolling wheels and an ice cream scoop stored on the back. 

Is It Fun?

It is so much fun to see favorite freezer brands in this tiny size. Moose did a great job capturing all the fun details of the popular brands and cleverly turning the Shopkins into adorable versions of the food inside the box, tub, or wrapper. Fans will love the unboxing surprises, adding to their collections, and then engaging in all sorts of grocery shopping roleplay and creative storytelling.

Who It’s For

The Shopkins Real Littles toys are for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

This does not contain real food.

The two-packs, Lil' Shopper Packs, and Stacey Cakes doll set are all sold separately.

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