2020 Barbie You Can Be Anything Dolls Review (Mattel)

2020 Barbie You Can Be Anything Dolls
What It Is

Create a fun routine just in time for the 2020 Summer Olympics with Gymnast Barbie! This set includes a gymnastic balance beam with a Barbie Gymnast doll in a metallic red, white, and blue leotard and additional accessories: extra leotard, a warmup suit, extra shoes, towel, snacks, two rings, two batons, a trophy, and a gym bag to put a few of those accessories in. Attach the included spinning clip to the side of Barbie's stomach to get her spinning and performing other gymnastic moves.   The balance beam is sturdy enough to move Barbie around on it. Barbie has 11 points of articulation, which will allow for many moves and positions.    

Who wants some pointers when it comes to soccer? Coach Barbie wears a blue track suit and white cleats, and her little student is dressed in a pink soccer uniform and white/pink cleats. The playset also includes a soccer ball, clipboard, goal net, two cones, bench, apple, water bottle, and trophy. Barbie and her student each have five points of articulation. The difference between the two is that the student has plastic hair which doesn't move, while Barbie has her signature blonde locks that kids can style. Kids can score all kinds of fun coaching and playing soccer games with both dolls and the soccer accessories!

Last but not least, is the Barbie Noodle Bar! Who doesn't love food? And Barbie is no exception. Barbie is dressed in an adorable one-piece skirt and shirt outfit with a ramen bowl printed on the top. She also has five points of articulation, allowing minimal movement. Other accessories include: the noodle-making workstation, two dough containers (one white and one green), bowl with lid, extra bowl for eating, play knife and two pairs of chopsticks. To get the noodle-making started, take the white dough from the container, put it in the hole in the middle of the workstation and put the bowl with lid over it. Pull the sideboard down and watch the noodles appear in the bowl!  To make veggies for the noodles, put the green dough in the mold on the other side, and push the top down. Now you have broccoli! Just trim the excess off, cut into pieces and add to the noodles! This Barbie doll inspires young chefs to be creative in the kitchen and hone their culinary skills!

Is It Fun?

These Barbies are great for little girls to look up to .  All the added accessories add to the imaginative aspect and it's a great way to introduce young girls to different career options at such a young age.

Who It’s For

Barbies are always fun for young girls, but these career dolls are extra special since they allow girls to believe they can truly be anything they want. 

What To Be Aware Of

I just always believe every doll should have as much articulation as possible and that's the case for Coach Barbie and Barbie Noodle Bar .

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