Squishmallows Review (Kellytoy)

What It Is

Your little one will want to bring these lovable plush stuffed pets all around town. There are two different sets, which feature different types of animals and plush sizes. Let's begin with the smaller set, the eight-inch plush toys.  Characters include Dexter the Dragon with a lime green body, ears, horn, and bat wings; Avery the duck, whose brown and green colors look just like a real duck; and then an adorable mouse- yes, a mouse! Misty the mouse comes in gray. All the facial features on the stuffed pets are sewn in and very detailed. 

The bigger set of plush toys measure to 12 inches, but they're just as cute and soft! Say hi to Miles the Dragon with a teal body and iridescent features on its wings, ears, nose, and horn. We've also got Stacy The Squid in a lavender color with her fin and tentacles. And lastly, there's Skyler the Skunk, in black and white. 

Is It Fun?

These are super squishy, there are no rough spots . Light enough for young kids to carry around and they're easy to clean- just throw it in the washer!

Who It’s For

Kids who enjoy toys they can squish and cuddle will love these collections since they offer comfort, support, and warmth as couch companions, pillow pals, bedtime buddies, and travel teammates. They're as cute as the others you can collect, but offer new characters.

What To Be Aware Of
Nothing. Go squish and cuddle.
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