Creature Chaos Batman Sets Review (Spin Master)

Creature Chaos Batman Sets
What It Is

The 12" Rebirth Batman is designed around the Rebirth outfit from one of the most recent refreshes to the character in the DC comic books. Other figures are available for Batman to do battle with (or alongside). The figure features 11 points of articulation which allow a good range of motion for a figure of this size. The cape is a very simple material, but allows for flowing poses and pleasing motion. While not the most elaborate plaything, nor able to make the most dynamic poses, the scale and poseability make it very easy for fans young and old to have fun with this.

The next figure in the line is the Rapid Change Utility Belt Batman figure. Built around the titular rapid changing feature, this figure also stands at a 12" scale, and features 20 sounds and phrases. Included in the package are the Caped Crusader himself, three accessories, and instructions for use. After flipping the switch on, all it takes is a squeeze of the legs to have Batman reach down and switch accessories in the utility belt, which also initiates a "light up" feature. Items may fall off if not inserted into their holders properly, so be aware of that. While rather gimmicky, it's a fun and fitting action feature for Ol' Bats and should provide plenty of amusement thanks to the catchphrases.

The Batmobile doubles as both Batmobile and Batboat. The set fits a 4" figure from the line (figure not included), and extracting the Batboat is simple and fun! While we enjoyed the functionality, light weight, and good design, this one exudes the most "basic" feel of the entire set, which was a bit of a downer.

Finally, we have the Batman Gauntlet, an electronic roleplay accessory intended to be used with other roleplay accessories available in the line. Featuring 15+ sounds and phrases, the gauntlet has two modes: battle mode (which reacts to motion and plays appropriate action noises), and "mission mode" where users will be treated to the Batcomputer running through prompts for playtime scenarios. Objectively, we found this to be the most creative of the bunch, only hampered by the (understandable) choice of a molded, singular glove. The feature works very well and of the set, this is the one I recommend the most. 

Is It Fun?
All items have unique elements that make them worth picking up and will provide wonderful playtime, especially the Gauntlet.
Who It’s For
Batfans ages 3+ (4+ for Batmobile and Gauntlet).
What To Be Aware Of

3 AAA batteries required for Gauntlet, 3 cell batteries required for Utility Belt Batman. (Batteries are included.)

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    3 cell & 3 AAA batteries required