LEGO Trolls World Tour Construction Sets Review (LEGO)

LEGO Trolls World Tour Construction Sets
What It Is

In the new movie Trolls World Tour, Poppy and her friends discover all-new genres of music and trolls. Kids can build out new characters and scenes with LEGO's Trolls World Tour construction sets. And the more sets and minifigures kids collect, the more they can mix, match, and accessorize the removable Troll hair.

The lineup includes Techno Reef Dance Party, a 173-piece set for ages 5 and up. In this set, model 41250, kids build a DJ booth and a stage with lots of surprises. On the DJ booth, you'll find moving lights, spinning turntables, and opening cabinet doors. The stage has a spinning platform, a slide, and a hidden door that houses the collectible music string. Other features include a moving coral reef piece, translucent water bricks, and a felt heart decoration. The set includes a mermaid minifigure and a buildable octopus.

Kids ages 4 and up can build Poppy's Pod, model 41251. This 103-piece set allows kids to build Poppy's bedroom and bathroom. Fun accessories, such as Poppy's scrapbook and a flower showerhead, add to the imaginative play. Once the Poppy minifigure is ready for the day, help her seek out the treasure map from behind the waterfall. Kids will also build a felt flower tree and hang Poppy from her hair on its pole.

Take Poppy and her friends up and away in the Poppy's Hot Air Balloon Adventure set, model 41252. Kids ages 6 and up can use the 250 pieces to build a hot air balloon, complete with dangling basket, two flapping hearts, a control panel brick, and a map. Included minifigures of Poppy, Branch, and exclusive Biggie with Mr. Dinkles on his back feature removable mix-and-match hair and accessories. Send the characters on a journey to Symphonyville, and build a moving metronome in the clouds. The metronome hides a collectible music string.

And rock out with Poppy, Branch, and Barb minifigures when you build the 387-piece Volcano Rock City Concert set, model 41254. The concert stage has felt wings on the top, two spinning platforms with microphones, and two speakers that fold out to reveal backstage dressing rooms for Poppy and Barb. Poppy's room has a mirror, sink, brush, and perfume bottle. Barb's room has a "Rock Tour" poster, a coffee machine, and rock star cupcakes. There's also what looks like a chair or some sort of backdrop for Barb that sits on top of the stage. On the back of the stage is a chain for dangling a troll by its hair - whether this is for capturing a troll or making a rock'n'roll entrance, we're not sure, but kids can play it out however they want. Two collectible music strings can be found on the buildable lyre. There's also a drum set with drumsticks and two guitars. And along with the minifigures, there's also a buildable bat-like figure. This set is also for ages 6 and up.

The Pop Village Celebration, model 41255, is another large set, with 380 pieces. Kids ages 6 and up can build Poppy's world, complete with two hanging and removable pods. One pod opens up for the exclusive Guy Diamond and Tiny Diamond minifigures, while the other opens up to become a home for the Cooper minifigure. Other features of the troll treehouse include felt flowers, a stage with microphone, a spinning rainbow backdrop, a slide, and a kitchen with opening oven and food accessories. Plus, build a little boombox-inspired vehicle for Tiny Diamond to drive and a poseable six-legged creature from the Trolls world. The minifigures of Poppy, Branch, Cooper, and Guy Diamond all have removable hair and accessories.

Is It Fun?

One of the things we really like about these sets is the Trolls hair play. Kids will have fun mixing and matching the hairstyles among the different minifigures and popping accessories in and out to create different looks. We also like the addition of felt pieces in each set, giving a nice tactile appeal to the building and helping bring some of the texture from the movie to life. And, of course, each set includes lots of the details and accessories that LEGO does so well to inspire a lot of imaginative play.

Who It’s For

The LEGO Trolls World Tour sets vary in age ranges. Some are for 4 and up, another is for 5 and up, and still others are for 6 and up. So make sure you pay attention to what it says on the front of the packaging.

What To Be Aware Of

Depending on the set and your skill level, it's going to take between 20 minutes and one hour to build each set.

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