Pillowie is Tagalong Pillow & Blanket Set Review (Ready Set Go)

Pillowie is Tagalong Pillow & Blanket Set
What It Is

Pillowie is the cutest part-stuffed animal, part-extra storage, part-pillow!  It features a large interior chamber to carry the included blanket or a pair of pajamas. Everything stays in place by folding the blanket up into the pillow and then closing it with the velcro.  It's the perfect companion for sleepy heads around the house or for an adventure beyond! There are seven adorable animals to pick from; Flynn the fox, Rocky the raccoon, Luna the hamster, Moss the frog, Violet the adorable monster, Rusty the monster, and Onyx the bat!

Each Pillowie measures 14 inches wide and 10 inches high. When opened the blanket measures 28 by 34 inches. One thing to note is that the blanket is not attached to the pillow. 

They also come with a cape snap, which can turn your little one into a superhero too! These have soft lining material which stays clean during transit and is cool to the touch. They're reversible and machine washable.

Is It Fun?

These are the perfect size for small children . Having an attached pillow is perfect for little heads and kids can keep their pajamas inside the pillow.

Who It’s For

These are perfect for small children 18 months and up. Great to use on a plane, in a car, while camping, at a sleepover, or daycare. Boys and girls will love traveling with this plush set. 

What To Be Aware Of

The Pillow doesn't have much fluff and the blanket isn't long enough for taller kids.

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