Popping Whale Pop Review (Battat)

Popping Whale Pop
What It Is

True to its name, the adorable Poppity Whale Pop pops five colorful balls out of his blowhole! The whale measures up to be about 10 inches long by 16 inches wide and 14 inches high. The whale is made of light blue plastic with printed-on eyes and a smiling mouth. An aquatic wraparound slide is attached to his tail with a clam-shaped opening at the top. 

Drop the balls into the opening of the wraparound slide and see as they roll down into the whale. The whale will then pop them out through the spout. Now what makes this fun is that the blowhole of the whale can be turned in any direction. Change the direction to have the balls pop out towards your bed and chase after them or turn the blowhole to get them into the slide. 

There are two modes; turn a switch on the side of whale's tail to activate music and pop mode, then press the starfish on top of the whale to see the balls pop along to three poppity songs! Turn the switch the opposite direction to activate  the second mode which is music-only and press the starfish to hear the songs. There's also a stop button on top of the whale's tail and an on-and-off switch underneath the whale. Something neat about this is that you can plug in and charge this with a USB cable instead of batteries. 

Is It Fun?

Kids will be able to develop important social skills like cooperative play. It's perfectly sized for little hands and it'll keep kids active.

Who It’s For

It's great for smaller children due to the bright colors and durability. If you want to get your little one active, the poppin' whale is great!

What To Be Aware Of
Nothing. Pop away!
  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions


    4 AAA batteries required