Cloudees Review (Mattel)

What It Is

The weather is looking a little cloudy but that's a good thing with Mattel's Cloudees, surprise pets hidden inside a fluffy cloud powder that you shake up.

What's visible in the package is a shimmery cloud case with a winky face on the front. There are also two things to pull out from the bottom of the packaging: a carry loop for the cloud case, so you can take it with you wherever you go, and a blind bag that contains accessories for the pet you'll be revealing. For instance, a tail, a sticker, slippers, and a sleep mask.

Instructions for how to create the cloud fluff are on the back of the cloud case, and they can be removed. Open up the cloud case and fill it to the top with water. Close it up, insert the stopper, and, with your thumb over the stopper, shake the cloud case well for 60 seconds. When you open up the cloud case, then you'll be able to peel away the protective layer and reveal the cloud fluff and the mystery Cloudee pet inside.

There are 14 Cloudees to collect, and each animal comes from one of seven weather-themed lands, including Raindrop Village, Stormyville, Sunnyland, Starry Way, Rainbow Point, Snowflake Hills, and Windy Way. The collector's guide will tell you whether your pet is Commonly Cool, Pleasantly Special, Hot, or Sizzling Hot.

Accessorize the pet by fluffing up the tail and plugging it into the pet, and dress up the pet in its accessories. You could also attach the tail to the carry loop, if you wanted.

Unfortunately, you can't save and store the cloud fluff. But the cloud case can be reused, and in fact, the sticker that came in the blind bag is supposed to cover up the hole on the cloud case lid. The lid also doubles as a display stand for the Cloudee and its matching mini pet, sold separately.

Is It Fun?

These are really cute, and kids will like that the unboxing is more than just opening a box or bag to reveal the pet. Adding water and shaking it up enables kids to be a little more hands-on with the reveal. And they'll love revealing the cloud fluff just as much as the Cloudee. The fluff has such a, well, fluffy feel to it. It's a shame that it can't be saved because it could be a really cool play feature with the Cloudee pet. But no matter. Kids will like the surprise of seeing which pet they've collected, trying to collect the matching mini pets, and playing out a whole of imaginative stories with their collections.

Who It’s For

Cloudees are for ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Cloudees Minis, a companion series of smaller pets, are also available and sold separately.

Because this uses water, it's recommended to cover all play surfaces to protect against spills.

The expandable cloud material is one-time use only. You can't save it. Make sure you wash your hands after playing with it.

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