Dr Jens U Play Mat & Cards Review (Stages Learning Materials)

Dr Jens U Play Mat & Cards
What It Is

The U-Play Mat is a U-shaped mat with 10 clear pockets on its surface that allows a child to sit inside the opening of the "U" while a teacher sits on the outside facing the child. Also included are two decks of photo flash cards - an Animal Card Deck and a Food Card Deck. Each deck has 50 cards, which can be divided into 25 matched pairs so you can do matching activities. The cards are 16cm x 14cm, and on a thick and durable card stock, with a glossy varnish that can be wiped off with a damp cloth. The cards feature a photograph and name of the food item or animal on one side, and fun facts about it on the reverse. 

Lastly, this kit comes with an activity guide to use as a resource for therapists, educators, parents, and caregivers to organize and implement an education program using the mat and cards. By using the suggested activities as a reference, you can help other adults who are helping your child, develop a shared language to discuss the child's educational program, and maintain a consistent approach during teaching sessions. The Activity Guide includes 19 custom designed, reproducible data sheets. Use these sheets daily to record the child's responses and track his or her progress.

Is It Fun?

Edges on the cards are sturdy and rounded. The U shaped map creates eye contact and face to face interaction with your little one. The activities in the book are easily adapted for home or school.

Who It’s For

Dr. Jen's U Play Mat is a great educational activity. Kids will get excited being in their own space and playing with the cards. It's a fun way to get kids excited all while learning. This is also perfect for teachers. 

What To Be Aware Of

We wish there were more pairs included in each set, but this is still a great start!

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy