Jumbo Puzzles Review (Little Likes Kids)

Jumbo Puzzles
What It Is

Here we have two sets from the Little Likes Kids collection- "Splash Park" and "Fun Outside". Let's begin with Splash Park. This set is geared for children 3 years of age and older.  24 jumbo pieces are included and when put together measure out to be 17x11 inches. This particular setting is vibrant and joyful reflecting scenes your child sees when going to the playground. Swinging, sliding, and splashing in the community playground, a familiar multicultural scene for children across the nation which will make it relatable.   

The next set is just as fun and reflects another scene children are used to seeing, Fun Outside. Double Dutch on the sidewalk, hairdos on the stoop and a partial lemonade stand familiarizes many children with these same activities. This set includes 48 jumbo pieces and is geared for children 4 years of age and older. When this puzzle is done it measures to be 15x20 inches.    Both sets have a great attention to detail as the back of the puzzle pieces have the logo, so there's no mixing up the pieces with other brands.

Is It Fun?

Puzzles improve short-term memory. These pieces are thick for small hands . Packed in a sturdy rope handle box and puzzles make for a fun family activity!

Who It’s For

It is important for children to relate and learn openly through socialization and play- these puzzles help do just that. They're simple, yet an essential part of early childhood learning, and best of all, they're fun! Jigsaw puzzles are great for getting your child excited and engaged with their own education from an early age.

What To Be Aware Of
Nothing. Just have fun.
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