Cry Babies Magic Tears Series Bottle House and Pet House Review (IMC Toys)

Cry Babies Magic Tears Series Bottle House and Pet House
What It Is

Each bottle measures to be about six inches tall and includes a doll with four points of articulation, sippy bottle, pacifier, chair, bow, blanket, personalized stickers, and two surprise accessories! The bottle acts as your baby's new home and comes with fun activities. For instance, one side of the bottle comes with a colorful cardboard resembling a scene from a home, and holds secret cut outs that you poke in order to get the accessories out. It's a fun addition to the surprise element.  

On the other side of the bottle is another room scene that is just printed right on the bottle. On this part, your child can use the personalized stickers to decorate and make their new Cry Baby feel right at home! 

All bottles include a guide so your little one can keep track of which dolls they've collected so far. There are 13 to collect, with one being a rare one. 

Now in order to make your Cry Baby cry, simply fill up her bottle and squeeze the water in through her mouth. This takes some time, as you'll have to completely fill her head with water before she starts to cry. Then squeeze the Cry Baby on her belly to release the tears. 

And what's life without pets? The collecting fun continues with the adorable Cry Babies Pets! Each set includes one pet, two accessories, and one sticker sheet. There are 13 to collect with one being rare. The pets are smaller in size compared to the Cry Babies, they have no articulation, and are a hard plastic. They come in a small pod which will become their home. Just like with the Cry Babies house, you can decorate their pods with the stickers that are included. There aren't as many stickers that come with the pets, but kids will still enjoy decking out their pads. The pets cry just like the babies - add water in their bottle and squeeze it into the pet's mouth. You then squeeze their head, which is a bit hard, but you will get tears out! 

Is It Fun?

These are surprise unboxing so kids will love this element! Many accessories add to the fun and you can interchange the accessories with other Cry Babies. Plus, they nurture roleplay.

Who It’s For

Kids who are already fans of Cry Babies will enjoy a smaller, fun-sized surprise here. The fact that you won't know which doll or pet you'll get is exciting for kids. 

What To Be Aware Of
There is no articulation on the pets. 
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