Memory Games Review (Little Likes Kids)

Memory Games
What It Is

These two sets will get your child's brain working and it's all about memorization. Let's begin with the Joyful Carousel. This set includes 24 illustrated pairs, 48 pieces total, can include 1-3 players and is geared for children 3 years of age and older. The illustration on the box is beautifully designed with children riding fun animals on a carousel. However, the cards will only include the animals that kids may or may not be seated on. 

The Musical Crossroads includes 24 illustrated pairs, 48 pieces in total. The front of the box has a fun band coming together musically, however, the cards have all kinds of musical instruments, accessories, and dances to pique your child's interest in all things rocking and tune their tastes to culture.  

The rules of both sets are the same- shuffle the cards and lay them out in a pattern, eight cards down by six cards across. The youngest player goes first, turning over two cards. If the illustrations match, the player goes again. If not, it's the next player's turn. The game ends when all cards are matched. Whoever has the tallest stack of matched cards wins! You can also make the game as easy or as challenging as you like by using anywhere from 8 pairs to all 24 pairs. 

Is It Fun?

You can build up the challenge each game . Multiplayer makes it more interactive . The memory card game develops their cognitive skills. It expands their hand-eye coordination. Plus,  the box makes for easy clean up and storage.

Who It’s For
This is great for young children to introduce them to something new while they work their brain!
What To Be Aware Of
Nothing. Have fun and learn at the same time.
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