EL10T My First Coding Robot Review (Elenco)

EL10T My First Coding Robot
What It Is

Get ready to explore and play with EL10T. This first coding robot, ideal for ages 3 and up, will follow instructions given to him, moving forward, left, and right to reach a desired destination. And preschoolers give EL10T instructions by placing directional, light, and sound blocks into the control panel. Kids can program up to 12 steps, and then transfer that sequence from control panel to EL10T's helmet and then to EL10T.

The toy introduces programming to kids as writing out a series of steps for someone, such as the steps to get dressed in the morning for a brother or sister.

Along with EL10T, the control panel, and the 20 blocks, the set also includes roadblock cards (that will need to be assembled), a double-sided map with a city on one side and space on the other, and 16 double-sided mission cards in three difficulty levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

More specifically, here's how you play. Turn on the control panel and insert some blocks. To start off, just experiment with different block combinations to see what EL10T does, and then progress to the mission cards that give detailed routes to take or destinations to reach on the map. At the advanced stage, add in some roadblocks for EL10T to avoid. When your sequence is ready, place EL10T's helmet on the control panel and press the "Go" button. When the green light stops flashing, the transfer is complete. Turn on EL10T, replace his helmet, and press the orange button on his chest to make him move.

Is It Fun?

As with any preschool programming toy, little kids will think it's really cool to see the robot perform the moves they programmed. With our 4-year-old kid tester, it was less about the programming and sequencing of the blocks and more about just watching the robot do anything. Parent participation is definitely going to be necessary with the youngest kids in order to read the instruction booklet and attempt to engage the kids in the mission cards. Parents may also need to help younger kids remove the helmet. We think slightly older kids will take to solving the missions and creating their own programs a little better. But overall, this is a fun and cute hands-on introduction to STEM concepts.

Who It’s For

EL10T is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

This requires seven AA batteries, which are not included.

A lot of reading is involved, so adults will need to help non-readers understand how to play with EL10T.

This also includes a sticker sheet that we don't think has anything to do with the toy aside from being something that kids can use to decorate EL10T or other things.

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    7 AA batteries required