Connect 4 Blast Review (Hasbro)

Connect 4 Blast
What It Is

Last year, Hasbro reinvented the classic four-in-a-row game Connect 4 with Connect 4 Shots, a game that had players trying to bounce balls into the game unit. This year, the competition gets a little more intense with Connect 4 Blast. Combining Connect 4 and Nerf blasters, players must blast away four in a row to win. 

Start by filling the visible portion of the game grid with blue discs. Then randomly load the hidden top half of the grid with red and yellow discs. 

Each player gets a mini Nerf blaster, red or yellow, and four matching darts. When both players are ready, start shooting the discs in the target grid at the same time. If you pop out a blue disc, leave it. Discs in that column will move down to replace the hole, revealing a red or yellow disc at the top. If you pop out a red or yellow disc, you'll need to reinsert it into the loading tray before taking your next shot. The first player to connect four discs of their color wins. 

Storage for the discs can be found on the game grid's feet, which fold up to make the game more compact for storage.

Is It Fun?

So this is kind of fast-paced craziness. Be prepared for darts flying everywhere, including back at you. It's hard to aim and blast out the discs. Most of our shots just hit the loading tray and bounced off. Also, both players are supposed to be blasting away at the same time, but if you pop out a yellow or red disc, you'll have to reinsert it before taking your next shot, so make sure your opponent stops blasting while you're in the way. Same for when you use up all your darts and have to run to retrieve them. We almost feel like it would be more fun if you just blasted one at a time, allowing strategy to guide your game, kind of like in the original version.

Who It’s For

Connect 4 Blast is for two players ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The game includes a grid with loading tray, two tower inserts, two Nerf blasters, eight darts, 40 discs, and game rules.

It's hard to blast out the discs. 

This game is available exclusively at Target.

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