Goo On My Shoe Review (PlayMonster)

Goo On My Shoe
What It Is

To come up with a great game for kids, PlayMonster asked kids. The Young Inventor Challenge games, such as Goo On My Shoe, feature games made by kids for kids.

Packaged in shoebox-style packaging, Goo On My Shoe has players walking through a park and trying to avoid stepping in goo. Each player chooses a pair of shoes and places them at the "start" space of the game board. Each player then gets to add a glob of goo to one of the pathway spaces on the board. The goo comes in three colors. What type of goo do you think each color is? 

Then you're ready to start playing, which consists of each player taking turns to spin the merry-go-round spinner and moving according to what they spun. A number means you simply move that number of spaces along the board. Spinning "Goo 1" means you add one goo glob anywhere on the path, and then spin again. Spinning "Goo 2" means you add two goo globs on the path, and then spin again. 

When moving on the board, you really have to pay attention to where you land because there are a lot of spaces to keep track of. If you land on a space with goo, put the goo on your shoes. (The playing piece, not your real shoes). If there's a puddle on the space, remove one goo from your shoes. If you land on a space that matches the color of your shoes, remove one goo. If you land on a space that matches another player's color, you have to add goo from the goo bank.

The first player to make it to the "finish" space gets to remove one goo. Then, all players count up the goo on their shoes. The player with the least amount of goo wins.

Is It Fun?

Playing with the gooey goo will certainly be fun for kids who enjoy the tactile play of putty and slime. But that's just one reason why the game is fun. Other reasons: the game is easy to learn, it involves thinking strategically about where to place the goo, and it's surprising because you never know where you're going to land and on what.

Who It’s For

Goo On My Shoe is for two to four players ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The game includes a game board, a merry-go-round spinner, four sets of shoes, three globs of goo, and a goo container.

Always keep the goo sealed in its container when not playing, otherwise it will dry out.

There is some assembly of the game board, and we wish the instructions had been a little more helpful with that.

Another Young Inventor Challenge game called Draw Into Crime is also available for purchase and play.

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