Water Powered Rocket, Wind Powered Motor Glider, and Arts Robot Spiral Factory Review (PlaySTEAM)

Water Powered Rocket, Wind Powered Motor Glider, and Arts Robot Spiral Factory
What It Is

A series of construction sets that teach users about essential physics. The Water Powered Rocket Science kit allows users to launch a bottle rocket applying the basic principle of Newton's Third Law. Included in this kit are all the pieces to construct the rocket, a pump, and instructions. Assembly of the core rocket and launcher should take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your build speed.

The Atmospheric Turbo Racer is meant to be a simple construction kit that also teaches users about atmospheric pressure. The kit includes all pieces needed to assemble the car, a pump, and instructions. Setup took us a little under 20 minutes, and might be even quicker for some. 

Is It Fun?

Yes; directions are very straightforward, and as highlighted already, the instructions also provide helpful insight into the core concepts that are highlighted for each kit; as an added bonus, each kit includes an additional activity for children to further understand the concept in a simple and fun manner

Who It’s For
Science enthusiasts ages 8+ (for the Racer) and 14+ (for the Rocket).
What To Be Aware Of

For the Rocket, not included but necessary are three 1.25-2L bottles and some water.  The safety recommendations in the guide are advised to be followed.

For the Racer, a cross screwdriver is not included but necessary.

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