Craftastic DIY Mythical Pom Animals Review (Ann Williams Group)

Craftastic DIY Mythical Pom Animals
What It Is

The Craftastic DIY Mythical Pom Animals kit makes it easy for young crafters to decorate and snuggle with stuffed animals. There are enough supplies in the kit to make three animals: a puffy pandacorn, a magical narwhal, and a cuddly meowmaid. The animals are pre-sewn, so all kids have to do is pick the animal design they want, decorate it, and stuff it. 

Adhesive shapes get stuck to the exterior of each animal to make it easy to stick the felt and foam details to the animals. And printed letters on the animal match up to a color key in the instructions so kids know how and where to fill in the animal with the pom poms.

Adults will need to help out before the stuffing step. The animal will need to be ironed for 60 seconds to activate the adhesive.

Once that's done, stuff your animal. There are hearts in the instructions that you can cut out, write a wish or a dream on, and stick inside the animal. Then just tie up your animal, add eyes, horns, and extra glitter stickers, and you're done.

Is It Fun?

All three of these mythical creatures are really cute, and young crafters will like that the steps needed to make them are easy. No sewing or gluing required, so no mess, either. Well, you might find a stray pom pom or two; they stick to the adhesive, but only so much. We also had trouble getting the horn to stay stuck together and to the animal. So you might end up needing stronger adhesive from home. Kids toward the younger end of the age range might need adult assistance, but slightly older kids will be able to do this on their own.

Who It’s For

The Mythical Pom Animals kit is for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

It took us 25 minutes to create one of our mythical animals, but the time it takes you will depend on age and skill level. Just remember that the process is part of the fun.

Our finished animal did lose its horn and a few pom poms during play. You might need to use a stronger adhesive.

Only an adult should operate the iron when it comes to that step.

The kit includes 772 acrylic pom poms, three pre-sewn felt stuffies, three pieces of polyester felt, 17 foam stickers, one ounce of polyester stuffing, four pieces of adhesive, and instructions.

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