The Game of Wolf Review (Grey Matters Games)

The Game of Wolf
What It Is

Designed for groups of 4-12 people, the game includes 250 question cards, a scoreboard, two answer boards, three dry erase markers, and instructions. This game is one part quiz game and one part trust exercise as the game forces players to either remain loyal to their chosen "pack" or "go it alone" for extra points. Each game lasts for three rounds, which revolves around a circuit of everyone having at least one turn as the Wolf until it returns to the original player.

Gameplay starts with "the wolf" reading a topic then choosing to either squad up with as many as 2 pack members (in larger games) or go it alone. After going through the card and revealing which team had the most correct answers, points are distributed, with values changing each round. Scores get tracked regardless of who is working together or working solo, and "wolf power" transfers to the next person until the round is complete. Trivia ranges from a VERY broad spectrum of topics, so there is a decent amount of variety to be found here.

Is It Fun?
With the broad variety of categories, it should provide almost anyone a chance to shine in this trivia game making it more fun for everyone.
Who It’s For
Trivia game enthusiasts 14+.
What To Be Aware Of
Rules aren't always clear (as we learned in our playthrough).
  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy