Finger Rocketz Review (Creative Brainworks LLC)

Finger Rocketz
What It Is

This set includes 12 colored foam balls, two Finger Rocketz, one ball pouch, 10 cans with numbers, and instructions. The rockets are effectively finger-mounted slingshots from which you can launch the balls themselves. The band is pliable enough to solidly launch one of the balls into the cans fairly accurately from reasonable distances. The cans themselves are made of foam and stand well. The balls are a sturdy foam.

Gameplay is fairly straightforward, as the variables that can be adjusted by players are scores (the instructions recommend ranges between 250 to 500 points) and distance from the target. The cans are set up with the lowest point totals from the bottom going to the highest ones up top. And once everything is all set, you just launch away. 

Is It Fun?
Yes! This set isn't trying to be anything more than a fun, simple diversion. Therefore, we find the simplicity works in its favor. 
Who It’s For
Casual gamers aged 8+.
What To Be Aware Of

We advise you not to use these around breakables if you're in close proximity, as the balls will have a decent amount of force behind them.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy