Baby Carrier with Pole Review (Mamapod)

Baby Carrier with Pole
What It Is

The only baby carrier you'll ever need, the Mamapod has an innovative support pole that is stored in the seat pocket. When you need to stand for an extended period of time, the Mamapod detachable lightweight telescopic support pole can be easily installed in seconds to offload the baby's weight, alleviating the stress on your neck, back, and shoulders for a more comfortable baby-wearing experience. 

It has three ways to carry: front-facing inward (for babies up to 6 months), front-facing outward (for babies older than 6 months), or as a backpack carry (for babies 8 months and up). 

It comes with adjustable wrapper protection for face-in or face-out carrying mode that can be removed for seat-only mode (for babies older than 4 months that can sit alone). Using either facing inward or outward front carry positions is easy: first adjust the waist belt for a snug fit around your waist, then secure the buckle with a click sound, and loop the straps through the elastic band for additional safety. Make sure to tighten the waist belt and rotate the seat belt to position the seat in front of you and then seat and hold the baby, positioning the legs on each side before positioning the wrapper. Pull up the shoulder straps while supporting the baby with one hand and connect the back buckle with a click and adjust the length. Lastly, adjust shoulder straps to ensure comfort and safety for both you and the baby. To use the support pole simply retrieve and unfold it, positioning it through the hole at the base of the seat. It should magnetically attach and it can operate safely within a 15-degree vertical direction: you may swing and move baby gently while you stand. It has a "never-lost" attachment tether that makes the pole easy to retrieve if you ever accidentally drop it. The back carry position is also easy to use but you will need help from another person to place the baby for you. 

Why Is It Useful?

The baby carrier features a comfortable and foldable baby seat, sunshade, head-supportive sleeping hood, ergonomic design with lumbar support for adults, wide and stylish shoulder and waist belts, as well as soft mesh layer for breathability that is also machine-washable.

It can be used in different ways and it also comes with the optional telescopic support pole that allows your back relief. 

Who It’s For

This baby carrier adapts to new ages and stages, as the child grows from 4 to 36 months (12 to 44 pounds). 

What To Be Aware Of
It is machine washable.
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