Snap-Dinos Building Set Review (Lakeshore)

Snap-Dinos Building Set
What It Is

Lakeshore is known for awesome educational toys geared toward small children, and that's exactly what Snap-Dinos are. Children will get 38 colorful wooden pieces which they snap together to build dinosaurs. They'll be able to create five color-coded dinosaurs, or mix and match to build a variety of unique creatures. A guide is also included with helpful tips on different ways to play.

Younger children will need guidance, so we suggest demonstrating to them how the pieces snap together. From there, there are multiple ways to encourage different types of play. You can start off by building a dinosaur with matching-color pieces. 

You can also encourage open-ended play by having children create dinosaurs using their own combination of a head, body, arms, and legs. Have the children snap the pieces together to build a freestanding dinosaur. They can start by attaching the head to the body. Encourage them to keep building until they complete their dinosaur. 

While assembling the dinosaurs, kids will figure out that some pieces won't connect, either because both pieces are sockets or both are studs. This is a great way to explain how opposites work and why they need to match two pieces with opposite features.

Is It Fun?
This is fun for small children and filled with tons of educational benefits. It encourages motor skills and will keep kids entertained. 
Who It’s For

Snap-Dinos engage children 3 years and older by having them think about how many pieces it took for them to build their dinosaurs, or how many colors they used. Mixing and matching the dinosaur parts is also a great way to get children's creativity flowing.

What To Be Aware Of
Younger children may need some help figuring out how to snap the pieces together. 
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