Nuts about Counting Review (Lakeshore)

Nuts about Counting
What It Is

Introduce learning into playtime for your tot with these nuts and bolts that teach them about numbers. Each set includes 10 plastic bolts all in gray and 55 plastic nuts in various colors: orange, red, green, and blue. Also included is a guide with helpful tips on different ways to play.

Children simply choose a bolt featuring a numeral from one to 10 and twist on the matching number of nuts. Each bolt is designed to hold the exact quantity of nuts. 

Your child will learn to identify the numbers printed on the bolts, and then twist on the corresponding number of nuts for fun counting practice. They can also learn to identify colors - have them twist all the orange nuts onto bolt number five, or mix-and-match however they like. They can even try color patterns! 

You can build on the learning by using the set to teach sequencing - have children stack the bolts in order from one to 10 or call out a number and have them choose the right number bolt.

Is It Fun?

Kids get to practice counting numbers one to 10. They'll understand the relationship between numbers and quantities. It'll build fine motor skills and there are different ways to play!

Who It’s For
Perfect for children 3 years of age and older! It brings a fun new element to the table - it combines learning about counting with other types of learning such as colors and patterns. This makes a great gift for children who are just starting to grasp numbers and colors. 
What To Be Aware Of
I have no cons for this product. 
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