Shimmer Stars Review (KD Kids)

Shimmer Stars
What It Is

This fabulous furry pet brings sparkle and shimmer to your life. Each package includes an adorable pet, such as Pixie the Panda, a shimmery wand, reusable shimmers, a glitter comb, headband with ears, shareable scrunchie, bracelet, and bow. 

The panda comes with black and white fur, big blue stitched eyes, a detachable sparkly pink collar with a yellow star gem, a blue bow, and a blue mesh tutu that can you can also use as a scrunchie! Pixie the Panda is super plush, so cuddling should be nice!

Shimmer Stars adds to playtime by including reusable shimmers that you can use to dress up your pets. The shimmery wand holds all the shimmers. In order to open it you have to separate the wand from the star and twist the two halves of the star. The shimmers come in various colors and shapes to decorate your pet's fur and your child's hair. You can match with your pet or go for a totally different look. 

Use the wand to pick up shimmers and attach them wherever you want. To do this, place one of the shimmers on the star platform and poke the middle of the shimmer with the wand. Once the shimmer is on the wand, pick a spot on your pet or hair and press down on the wand's button to place the shimmer. 

When you're done dressing up your pet or want to change their look, you can easily comb out the shimmers or remove them by hand. This is easy to do and definitely doesn't hurt. You can wear the headband included in the kit to really match with your pet. 

Is It Fun?

Overall it's a really fun pet. Allowing kids to dress up their plush pets and even themselves will make this a product they can use over and over again. Styling your own hair is fun and you can be creative with your styling. 

Who It’s For

Shimmer Stars is great for kids 4 and up due to the smaller pieces. 

What To Be Aware Of
Each Shimmer Stars pet is sold separately. 
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  • Assembly & Instructions

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