Bermuda Pirates Review (FoxMind)

Bermuda Pirates
What It Is

A two to four player tabletop game themed around pirates. Included in the set are the game board, four under boards with magnets that make the game work, four magnetic boats, four flags, 12 buoys, 24 treasure pieces of four different colors, and the centerpiece that literally holds it all together.

Gameplay difficulty ranges based upon how many buoys are in play, with three buoys indicating easiest difficulty, and none making the game incredibly difficult. Players move clockwise (working from youngest to oldest) to move their boat and retrieve treasure, resetting if the boat is either caught by a hidden whirlpool, "runs aground" on one of the obstacles, or safely returns to base with one or more treasures. Additional gameplay rules can be implemented for more experienced players who want to increase the challenge.

Interacting with the board is simple, but incredibly challenging...this is due in part to the fact that the under boards allow over 6,000 ways to play based on how they are configured, so for the most part, no two games will play out exactly the same! 

Is It Fun?

Yes! For those old enough to remember the old Windows game Minesweeper, we suggest you think of this as an analog tabletop version of that, but with a pirate theme...and FAR more active in terms of the gameplay.

Who It’s For
Board game enthusiasts and sea dogs ages 7+.
What To Be Aware Of

Ensure good flat table placement for magnets to be their most effective.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy