Nano Box Sumo Review (Hexbug)

Nano Box Sumo
What It Is

This game, built around Hex Bug's battery-powered Nano base is a fun, portable, and most importantly, collectible experience. The kit includes the ring (which doubles as a carrying case for two characters), a pair of skins, two bases, and two Nanos. Instructions are printed on the case itself and available from HexBug's website digitally. 

Setup and gameplay is straightforward: Set up your ring, the Nanos, and your skin of choice, then power them on and let them fight until one falls out of the ring! There are 60 skins available, and they come in assortments of single packs with two blind box covers, or three packs of singles with a total of six blind box covers.

Is It Fun?

Yes! The whimsical designs of the characters and the collectible potential of the entire line makes this a fun and creative property to buy into.

Who It’s For
Collectors and battling toy enthusiasts ages 3+.
What To Be Aware Of
Cell batteries will be a bit tricky to swap out.
  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    2 cell batteries required