My Singing Monsters Plant Island Series 1 Review (PlayMonster)

My Singing Monsters Plant Island Series 1
What It Is

If you like playing with monsters in the My Singing Monsters app, then you'll really like bringing the characters to life through the My Singing Monsters Plant Island Series 1 figure set. This comes with three monster figures of Noggin, Mammott, and Toe Jammer, and each one sings. You can make them sing on their own or harmonize together, and if you collect more My Singing Monsters (sold separately), then all your monsters can sing together. Each monster sings it own song, but put them together and listen to how all three parts come together to create a new song. 

Each monster figure also has poseable parts. Toe Jammer's toe tentacles move, Mammott has moving arms and legs, and Noggin has moving hands and feet.

Plus, this pack includes an exclusive in-game reward code to be redeemed in the app.

Is It Fun?

These will appeal to kids who play the My Singing Monsters app game. It will be fun to see favorite monster characters off-screen and make them sing just like they do in the app. And this gives kids another way to engage in some creative play with the monsters. Even if you're not familiar with the app, it's still pretty cool to hear each monster's unique song come together in perfect harmony when they're all singing together.

Who It’s For

My Singing Monsters are for ages 6 and up. Kids who like playing the app game will enjoy collecting their favorite monsters off-screen.

What To Be Aware Of

This includes nine button cell batteries. Make sure to switch the figures from Try-Me to Play for the full features.

This three-pack is available exclusively at Amazon.

The app is a separate download for iOS and Android devices.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    9 cell batteries required