Barbie Pets Deluxe Pet Set Review (Just Play)

Barbie Pets Deluxe Pet Set
What It Is

Barbie has her Dream House, and now her pets get their own hangout spot! The set includes a pet house, four pets (one of which is in a blind bag and measures up to be about 1-inch tall), a food dispenser with two bones, two pet carriers, a hydrant, a pool, and a convertible car. The house is perfect for two-sided play and features a slide, a swing, and a working elevator to get pets from the first to the second floor. One side has all the fun features, but the other side includes an adorable second floor balcony, a window where you'll get a sneak peek of a swinging pup, and a swinging door when Barbie is ready to pick them up! The set includes so many little accessories to incorporate into playtime!

Every set has different pets. In this set we had two dogs, both with sparkly chew toys in their mouths, and a peach colored cat with a sparkly collar. 

Is It Fun?

Your kids may have tons of Barbies, but what better way to add more imagination to the fun than seeing how these precious pups live in a decked-out pad? This is a nice addition to your play with other Barbie sets. 

The two-sided play gives more to do, many pets are included, and it's small enough to not take up too much space.

Who It’s For

It's ideal for kids 3 years and up who are fans of Barbie or love doll play.

What To Be Aware Of

There is no storage available to put the pets and accessories in once the fun is done.

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