Disney Junior Minnie Walk & Dance Unicorn Review (Just Play)

Disney Junior Minnie Walk & Dance Unicorn
What It Is

Get to walking and dancing with Minnie's beloved unicorn, Penelope, from Disney Junior. Minnie Mouse wears her pink polka dot dress featuring a rainbow belt, her rainbow bow, and pink shoes with rainbow bows on top and wheels on the bottom. Penelope has a pink coat with a long, colorful, fluffy mane and tail. She also has on a pink polka dot bow to match Minnie's dress. 

To begin the fun, you need to switch on both Minnie and Penelope. You can use the toy in two modes: Dance mode and Walk mode. To start dance mode, you can connect Minnie to the unicorn by plugging her hand into the unicorn's back, or keep them separate but within two feet of each other. Press on Minnie's right hand and they begin to dance to Minnie singing the "Giddy Up Penelope" song. Minnie rolls back and forth, while Penelope is more interactive in her moves, moving back her right leg and nodding her head. 

If Minnie and Penelope need a break after all the dancing, you can simply switch them to Walk mode. In this mode, you must connect Minnie to the unicorn by plugging her hand into Penelope's back. Then press on the unicorn's nose to make her and Minnie walk along together. 

If Minnie and Penelope are not connected, you can also use Penelope in Unicorn Solo mode. Press her nose to hear her make sounds, or make her walk and dance. 

Is It Fun?

The two modes bring more fun to the toys. It's great that Minnie and Penelope match, and having the option to connect and disconnect them is a plus.

Who It’s For

Kids 3 and up will love taking a stroll with Minnie and Penelope, or dancing and singing along to their favorite song from the Disney Junior show. It's a great way to bring their favorite show home!

What To Be Aware Of

We wish there were more songs to sing and dance to.

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  • Assembly & Instructions


    4 AA batteries required