Touch and Talk Little Unicorn and Junior Megasaur Dinosaur Review (Dragon-i Toys)

Touch and Talk Little Unicorn and Junior Megasaur Dinosaur
What It Is

The unicorn has a white plastic shell with very distinct, colorful details you would expect for this magical creature. Her mane and tail are pink, she has blue hooves, a blue light-up horn, and green eyes. 

Junior Megasaur also has a plastic shell, which is blue. He has orange accents throughout, white sharp teeth attached to the body, and red light-up eyes. 

Now these are two simple toys that kids can play with, but they're also interactive! Little Unicorn has a talk-back function; press her light-up horn to record. When the horn lights up, start talking for up to five seconds and she will repeat what you say back.  There are two other buttons that you can press to hear neighing sounds, galloping sounds, and sparkling sounds, which come through very clearly. 

Junior Megasaur comes with the same talk-back feature. Press down on his hair on top of his head and record for up to five seconds. He will then repeat back what you said in the same high-pitched voice. There are three other buttons; one on his back activates roaring sounds, one under his stomach activates eating sounds, and one on his foot activates stomping sounds. 

As fun as this can be for small children, its talk-back feature is not the best. Children have to be up close to the speaker in order for it to work and the distorted voice doesn't sound like yours when played back to you. 

Is It Fun?

Multiple buttons on each toy help children coordinate their motor skills, while the talk-back function fuels imagination and encourages communication.

Who It’s For

Both the Little Unicorn and Little Megasaur are recommended for children 2 and up. Little ones who enjoy interactive toys as well as creatures like unicorns and dinosaurs will enjoy creating stories full of adventures!

What To Be Aware Of
There is no articulation. The dragon and the unicorn are sold separately. Each toy requires three AAA batteries. 
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    3 AAA batteries required