Disney Frozen 2 Wearable Blankets and Olaf-Shaped Blanket Review (Blankie Tails)

Disney Frozen 2 Wearable Blankets and Olaf-Shaped Blanket
What It Is

Frozen 2 just came out and I'm sure your kids are all singing the new songs around the home. What better way to keep the fun going than with something that's perfect for winter? Blankie Tails is just that -  wearable blankets shaped like characters or their ensembles from Frozen 2. In this collection we have Elsa, Anna, and the adorable Olaf!

The Elsa blanket comes in a gorgeous blue dress resembling her dress in the film, with small feet inserts to put your feet in. The back is open to easily fit into the blankie. There are also armholes for kids to put their arms through so they can have easy access to the popcorn. The Anna blanket is inspired by her dress in the film as well, and also comes with small feet inserts. Olaf's blanket shows him throwing fall leaves up in the air. It does not come with feet inserts, but it's still just as fun. 

Is It Fun?

These Blankie Tails allow kids to play dress-up while staying cozy. The fleece is very soft to the touch, the stitching is nicely done, and there is a great attention to detail when it comes to the characters' designed outfits. The authentic character details will bring a little bit of that Disney magic home!

Who It’s For

These Blankie Tails are great for children who are fans of Disney princesses, and specifically the Frozen characters. They fit well for children or even adults up to 5 feet tall. 

What To Be Aware Of

We wish the back had some sort of closing keep the blanket on securely. 

Blankie Tails are machine washable and each one is sold separately. 

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