Glitter Dots Sparkle Station Review (Crayola)

Glitter Dots Sparkle Station
What It Is

Glitter Dots makes arts and crafts fun in an innovative way. These dots stick to a variety of surfaces to make sparkly designs. This craft set features 84 Glitter Dots, one roller tool, nine cutting wheel attachments, one hand roller, six shape cutters, two clear roller sheets, one cardstock box, three cards, one clay tool, one work mat, and an instruction sheet. 

You'll have to peel the package open to take the glitter-infused dots out - you cannot pop them out. You can choose from the various colors they have. Lay the work mat on a flat surface and place the clear roller sheet on top. Place 10-15 glitter dots on a clear roller sheet and cover them with the other roller sheet. With the hand roller tool, roll the dots together until they are mashed into a sheet the thickness of a quarter. The hand roller is essential in order to flatten the Glitter Dots, so make sure to keep that handy! For extra color blending, remove the top roller sheet. Pull up the flattened glitter dot sheet with the craft tool and fold it in more layers. Replace the top roller sheet and use the hand roller to flatten the dots again. To marbleize, fold and twist the glitter dot sheet between rollings.   

With your flat layers, you can also use the shape cutters, which come in a moon shape, heart shape, flower-like shape, tear-like shape, and hexagon, to make designs and stick them on the cards or cardstock box. If you want to create multiple designs at once, you can use the cutting wheel holder and choose the cutting wheels you want to use. Slide the wheels onto the holder and align the nub in each wheel. Insert the holder back into the roller tool and you're ready to roll! Take the top roller sheet off the flattened glitter dots and start creating your sparkly strips! Press the roller down gently and roll the cutting tool in a forward direction. Gently peel the strips and place them where you want. Leftover material can be kept in an airtight container for later use. 

Before starting, we suggest protecting the work surface since Glitter Dots contains colorants that may stain. When you begin to create, there are a few things to remember: Press firmly on the roller tool in one direction only, not back and forth. If it doesn't cut through the flattened dots completely, cover the dots with the roller sheet and hand roll them back into a smooth layer. Check the thickness and try cutting again. 

Is It Fun?

The tools are a fun addition and they help with thinking outside the box by allowing you to roll, cut, and decorate with Glitter Dots in a new way. Arts and crafts gets kids' creativity flowing. Kids can even use their fingers, and the glitter doesn't make a huge mess. 

Who It’s For

Kids ages 6 and up will love being able to experiment with adding their glitter artwork on the provided supplies or on different surfaces such as paper, wood, felt, paper mache, fabrics, styrofoam, and more.

What To Be Aware Of

Glitter Dots colorants can stain and the tools didn't always work well. 

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