Alex Spa Mix & Makeup Whipped Body Butter Review (Alex Brands)

Alex Spa Mix & Makeup Whipped Body Butter
What It Is

Kids get a little spa treatment with this set that's a great starter kit for learning how to stay moisturized. But before getting started they suggest to do a patch test for those with sensitive skin. These do contain fragrances that may cause allergic reactions. 

Now, let's move on- Each kit includes three Panda Containers, Body Butter Base, three Scented Color Drops in blue, pink, and an orangey/yellowish mix, Shimmer, a Stir Stick, and Easy Instructions. Kids can mix colors, scents, and shimmer for the feel, smell and shine they want in their own lotion! They'll love being able to nourish their skin with the super creamy, fragranced body butter they customized themselves. Mix any of the colors into the cream to make any hue you can imagine, then add shimmer for sparkly skin! Store your body butter in the three adorable panda shaped containers!

Is It Fun?

Simple instructions for kids to follow. A little bit of science is involved with color mixing . DIY is always fun for children and they can share their creations with friends!

Who It’s For

 This makes a fun gift for any child who is 6 and up to keep for themselves or share with friends.

What To Be Aware Of

As much fun and as simple this kit is- the fun is short lived. There aren't many steps and once the lotions are done the fun ends. 

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions