Craft-tastic Jr. Wall Sticker Playhouse Review (Ann Williams Group)

Craft-tastic Jr. Wall Sticker Playhouse
What It Is

 Each set includes 10 sheets of stickers (that's more than 650 stickers!), 10 coated cardstock posters with rooms printed on them, and seven pieces of removable tape. Because the stickers and posters can be moved and readjusted, kids can create a new house every day! 

Start by arranging the rooms any way you like to fit your space on a wall using the safe removable tape. The rooms you get are; bedrooms, attic, living room, bathroom and an attic. The tape is specifically designed to not damage your paint. From there kids can use their imagination to create the home of their dreams! Have a horse, place the bassinet in the bathroom or hang out in the living room with all your friends!   It's easy to peel, stick and even re-stick the stickers without having any issues repositioning the stickers in the rooms.

Is It Fun?

Kids use their creativity  here. Fine motor skills are used . Clean-up is easy which is nice for parents. It'll unleash kids imagination and the many sticker accessories add to the fun!

Who It’s For

The fun is endless with Craft-tastic Jr. Wall Sticker Playhouse! It makes a great gift for preschoolers and kids ages 3+.

What To Be Aware Of
Peel the sheet slowly off the wall so you don't harm the paint on the wall.
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