Uni-Verse Review (Spin Master)

What It Is

There's a universe of unicorns to discover in the new surprise collectible line Uni-Verse. In each blind bag, kids will uncover a colorful cloud pillow that contains surprises inside. Each cloud has a different facial expression, such as a happy face with rainbow eyes. To get to the surprises inside the cloud, you'll need to submerge it in a small bowl of warm water. The water will become slimy and change color. The color indicates which world your unicorn is from, so pay attention to the color and match it up to the guide in the instructions. 

Once the cloud has fully dissolved, reach into the water and remove the polybags. Now you get to tear those open, which also have fun clouds and rainbows on them, to reveal the unicorn, the unicorn's pet, two accessories for the unicorn, a poster that doubles as a collector's guide, and a collector card. The collector card tells you the unicorn's name, but you'll need to scratch off the clouds to discover your unicorn's likes, dislikes, and uni-queness. What makes each unicorn unique are different special features, such as color change, scented, fun hair, or fuzzy. 

Some of the accessories can be worn on the unicorn's horn, while others get attached to the unicorn's mouth. There are also tail accessories, necklaces, and wings or a skateboard. Each unicorn comes with its own two accessories, so you'll have to collect the more than 40 available in series 1 to find all the accessories.

Is It Fun?

Uni-Verse is a fun unboxing experience - and also a little messy. But kids who like unboxing toys will enjoy the multiple layers of surprises, and these will especially be fun to collect and play with for kids who like unicorns.

Who It’s For

Uni-Verse is for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Because this involves water, make sure you play in an area where it's okay for things to get wet. Also, be prepared for the slimy feel of the water. It's gross and kind of hard to rinse off of the polybags.

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