Batmobile 1989 Review (LEGO)

Batmobile 1989
What It Is

This kit allows Batman enthusiasts and automotive fanatics a chance to replicate the iconic film vehicle in painstakingly faithful LEGO fashion! Featuring a total of 3,306 pieces, this kit also comes with an instruction book, optional stand with info card, and minifigures of Vicki Vale, The Joker, and Batman. All figures come with accessories, and the Batman minifigure head can be reversed for a serious or smiling look. This Batman's cowl is built into his plastic cape, so be aware of that if you wish to pose him in any other way but standing, or are considering using him in other vehicles.

Detail on the piece is stunning, and one feature of particular interest is the way the sliding door for the vehicle is faithfully recreated with incredibly subtle LEGO piecing. It took us about eight hours over a few nights to complete this one, but as always, build times will vary. The instruction book, which features some brief trivia about the film itself as well as the construction of this kit as detailed by the LEGO designers, features information in three languages including English, French, and Spanish.

Is It Fun?
Absolutely! Building should be a fun challenge and the finished piece can be set up in multiple configurations for optimal display. The minifigures are really fun as well!
Who It’s For
Batman, LEGO, and film enthusiasts ages 16+!
What To Be Aware Of

While we understand this is a collector's piece first and foremost, we found a few pieces to have been very fragile even when were simply moving the door back and forth; please be extra careful when demoing out this piece or preparing it for display!

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy