Face Paintoos Review (PlayMonster)

Face Paintoos
What It Is

Now you don't have to be a professional artist to create awesome face paintings. Just use Face Paintoos, specially formulated temporary tattoos that are easy to apply and quick to remove. Each pack even includes tattoo remover wipes. 

There are several different kits to purchase, each with a different theme. The Wild Pack, Pet Pack, and Magical Pack all come with five designs, an applicator sponge, and 10 removal wipes. The Party Pack includes 20 designs, an applicator sponge, and 30 removal wipes.

To apply, choose your design and cut out the tattoos so they can be applied separately. Then press the colored side of the tattoo against the skin, wet the sponge, and hold the damp sponge against the paper backing. Once the paper is completely wet and about 15 seconds have passed, gently peel off the backing paper to reveal the tattoo. Positional guides are included in the instruction booklet, however, they are just pictures of what the tattoos look like on kids' faces, and these are basically the same pictures that you see on the packaging.

Once applied, the designs won't run or smudge. You can even leave them on overnight as long as they don't cause irritation to the skin.

Is It Fun?

This could be a gamechanger for birthday parties, making it easy for kids to get their faces painted with some really cool designs. You could also use these for animal-themed Halloween costumes. Or just get dressed up for everyday play, too. 

The Face Paintoos are less messy than using paint and application is pretty easy, however, when it comes to younger kids or kids with smaller foreheads, not all of the designs are going to be a perfect fit. Luckily, there are lots of designs to choose from and some of the designs have stand-alone cheek Paintoos that will fit on any kid's cheek. 

Who It’s For

Face Paintoos are for ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The instructions include "positional guides" so you can see where the Paintoos should be placed on a child's face. We almost wish the paper backing had been translucent to make placement easier.

Not all of the designs are going to fit on every kid. For younger kids or kids with smaller foreheads, some of the forehead designs will be too big.

After you use the removal wipes, you'll still need to wash your face with soap and water to remove any residue.

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