Trapper Keeper Game Review (Big G Creative)

Trapper Keeper Game
What It Is

Trap your papers and your game pieces with the Trapper Keeper Game. Based on the popular '80s and '90s school supply, this game allows players to stash homework, quizzes, parent signatures, report cards, notes from classmates, and field trip slips to score points. Collecting doodles will increase your score. And if you have the most points at the end of the school day, you're the coolest kid in the school!

To start the game, every player gets a folder. You'll have a three by three grid of School Paper cards, with nine cards in each stack and the top cards face-up. Six Bell cards will be placed in a face-down stack next to the grid. The player chosen as Teacher's Pet for the game gets the apple and is in charge of the Bell stack. 

There are seven types of School Paper cards, each with its own way of scoring at the end of the game. You've got Quizzes, Homework, Notes from Classmates, Detention, Signatures, Field Trips, and Report Cards. On your turn, choose any row or column in the grid and collect the top card from each stack. The Teacher's Pet will also turn over one Bell card, and you can choose to pick three School Paper cards based on the pattern of the red lockers shown on the Bell card. Then, you tuck all three cards into one of your folder's pockets. Keep in mind that cards that are in the blue pocket will only score the blue doodles at the end of the game, while cards in the red pocket only score on the red doodles. 

Play continues like this, with more School Papers being flipped over once there are three or fewer face-up cards in the grid. When the last Bell card is flipped over, each player takes one last turn and then proceeds to scoring. 

Scoring is probably the most involved part of the play. On the scorepad, you'll see a list of the five different doodle types: heart, smiley face, cool S, cube, and tic-tac-toe. The player with the most red and blue doodles of the specific type scores five points, while the player with the second most scores two points. THEN, you score the types of cards you have. Sort the cards by type, pairing each Signature card with a Report card or Field Trip card to allow it to score. Then, starting with Quizzes, score each type of card based on what the card says. So you might score points for having the most type of card or score a certain number of points based on how many cards you have in a set. When all of that is done, total up each player's points, and the player with the most points wins.

Is It Fun?

If you didn't like doing math in school, then you'll probably wish that the scoring portion of the game was a little simpler. That said, though the gameplay might seem simple, there is strategy involved in choosing which cards to collect based on point possibilities. And make sure you take a moment to actually read what's on the cards. One of our favorites is the homework report on Marco Polo: "He really loved swimming and finding things." A+! One of the biggest appeals of the game is the packaging, and players who remember using a Trapper Keeper when they were in school will enjoy this game's trip down memory lane.

Who It’s For

The Trapper Keeper Game is for two to five players ages 8 and up. It's going to have a nostalgic appeal to older players.

What To Be Aware Of

The game includes a six-inch by eight-inch Trapper Keeper-shaped package, 81 School Paper cards, 11 Bell cards, five folders, a Teacher's Pet marker, a score pad, a pencil, and instructions. 

There are three different Trapper Keeper package styles to collect: tropical, unicorn, and space.

This game is available exclusively at Target.

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