CookieSwirlC Lotta Looks Review (Mattel)

CookieSwirlC Lotta Looks
What It Is

No matter what the latest trends are, you can create on-trend moods and looks with Lotta Looks dolls. And this season, it's all about the cookies. YouTube star CookieSwirlC, to be exact. The Lotta Looks CookieSwirlC dolls feature mix-and-match plug-and-play pieces with a cookie and candy theme. With just one doll, there are 20 pieces of expressions and fashions so that kids can create more than 100 emoji-style looks for the doll. 

There are two dolls to collect: Chocolate Chip Chill and Candy Cub. Even though the dolls might come looking one way in package, that's not the way it'll stay once you start removing and swapping around the accessories. Dress the doll up in her sweets-themed outfit. Chocolate Chip Chill wears a CookieSwirlC logo tank with a waffle cone-inspired skirt. Candy Cub is gummy bear-inspired and wears a dripping gummy dress with matching boots.

You can also give your doll some fun hair extensions, change the color of her eyebrows, add animal accessories, or remove an eye and replace it with a CookieSwirlC cookie. You can even remove the hair and replace it with hair from another doll. And for even more mix-and-match fun, collect themed mood packs, such as Sprinkle Kitty and S'mores Pup. These packs add an additional outfit, facial expression, and animal ears to your doll. 

The dolls are also very poseable, with moving heads, arms, wrists, and legs for creating fun poses. Each doll is pretty top-heavy, so make sure you're displaying her in the included doll stand so she won't fall over. The clear doll stand base has a lot of emoji images printed on it.

Is It Fun?

These dolls are all about creative fashion play, giving kids lots of accessories for creating different looks and expressions. Having CookieSwirlC work on these products obviously makes them appealing to fans of that YouTube channel, but any kid who likes the fashion play aspect of dolls and sweet treats will enjoy collecting and creating with Lotta Looks. 

Who It’s For

Lotta Looks CookieSwirlC is for ages 5 and up, and will be fun for kids who like the fashion play aspect of dolls and who are fans of CookieSwirlC's YouTube channel.

What To Be Aware Of

Mattel also made a CookieSwirlC Barbie doll, sold separately.

These dolls are available exclusively at Walmart. A Lotta Looks CookieSwirlC Rainbow Sugar Rush Gift Set is also available and comes with even more pieces.

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