LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series Imperial Star Destroyer Review (LEGO)

LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series Imperial Star Destroyer
What It Is

Based off the iconic Devastator seen in the memorable opening of A New Hope, the kit contains a whopping 4,784 pieces and includes a massive printed instruction guide, display stand with plaque, a buildable scale miniature of the Tantive IV Blockade Runner, as well as two blaster-toting minifigures of an Imperial Officer and Imperial Crew Member that are exclusive to the set.

To say this kit is detailed is a bit of an understatement. Between the scale and high piece count (which tops even the 2011 Ultimate Collector Series Super Star Destroyer), a LOT of work was done to make this one stand out among the 16 years' worth of Star Destroyer entries in the LEGO Star Wars line. The instruction guide itself (presented in three languages including English, French, and Spanish) is basically one part collector's art book, as it contains features about the ship's lore within the Star Wars universe as well as tales from the LEGO designers who brought this piece to life!

Building this took us just a hair under nine hours, though we cannot stress enough that this was with 100 percent focus and minimal break times.

Is It Fun?
Yes, especially for Master Builders looking for a challenge!
Who It’s For

Star Wars enthusiasts and LEGO Master Builders.

What To Be Aware Of
This is not for play - it is purely collectible display piece.
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  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy