Glitter Gelli Baff, Colour Change Gelli Baff, and MEGA Baff Pack Review (Zimpli Kids)

Glitter Gelli Baff, Colour Change Gelli Baff, and MEGA Baff Pack
What It Is

Turn ordinary bathwater into gel, slime, and more with Gelli Baff. There are a variety of different types of Gelli Baff, but they all work in much the same way. Sprinkle a special powder into warm bathwater to transform it into a goo. When you're done, sprinkle in the dissolver powder to turn it back into a liquid so it easily drains away.

Glitter Gelli Baff turns water into colorful and glittery goo. Colour Change Gelli Baff starts out as a goo in one color, but changes colors when you add the dissolver powder. Slime Baff turns the water into gooey slime. And Crackle Baff makes your bathwater crackle and pop. In the Mega Baff Pack you get two packages of red Gelli Baff, two packages of green Slime Baff, two packages of orange Slime Baff, and six packages of Crackle Baff.

All of the Baff is safe for kids' skin, won't stain, and are drain safe. The packaging also says that it is easy to clean, which is somewhat true, though there will be some excess Gelli beads that you'll have to wipe up.

Is It Fun?

We were a little nervous using Gelli Baff in our home bathtub, but we did not experience any drainage issues. You do have to make sure that you don't use too much water, so make sure you carefully read the instructions before using. The whole idea of Gelli Baff (and Slime Baff and Crackle Baff) is to provide entertainment and play while kids take a bath. And kids who enjoy the tactile fun of goo and slime will think it's really cool to sit and swim around in it during bathtime.

Who It’s For

The Gelli Baff products are for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Make sure to read the instructions before use. It's important to measure your water so that you don't use too much, otherwise the water transformation will not work. Start with 1.5 inches of water. The instructions say not to exceed three inches of water, and in our testing, we found that three inches was definitely too much. 

When dissolving the Baff mixture, we had to add five tablespoons of salt to the dissolver powder to make sure the Baff was actually turning back into a liquid. Ours did drain properly down the tub drain, but there were excess Gelli beads leftover that we had to wipe away with a towel.

The manufacturer notes that if you have existing issues with slow drainage, you should not dispose of the Gelli down your drains and instead dispose of it down the toilet. 

Crackle Baff is the only one that does not need a dissolver powder. It also does not need a specific amount of water to work.

If you're thinking of using this in a wading pool, be advised that the instructions say not to pour it onto grass.

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