Carpool Karaoke Game Review (Big G Creative)

Carpool Karaoke Game
What It Is

You've seen it on TV, and now you can play Carpool Karaoke at home with the Carpool Karaoke Game. In this game, you can have up to four individual players or four teams of players. And each player/team will represent a city: London, Sydney, New York, and Los Angeles. There's a dashboard-style spinner and scorekeeper, and everybody's city-themed speedometer starts at 0. The goal is to get it to 20 by scoring 20 points. In order to score points, you've got to spin the spinner and do what it says. Yes, singing will be involved.

If you spin Sing It, you choose an opposing player to duel with. Both of you perform a chosen song in the style listed on the card. A player from a different team acts as judge and picks the winner, who will then score four points.

Work It is another head-to-head challenge where two players have to perform a chosen song and incorporate the theatrics listed on the card. For instance, "Work your best Superman moves into the song." A judge picks the winner, who scores three points.

The Guess It category doesn't require singing, but it is also a head-to-head challenge. Be the first player to correctly answer the multiple choice question on the card and win two points.

If you spin Rock It, you don't pick a card. Instead, everyone performs the chosen song together, and all players/teams score one point.

To help you out with the singing challenges, the back of the instruction booklet lists 50 Great Karaoke Songs for you to choose from. You'll also need access to a music app or streaming service to play your songs.

Another element of the gameplay is the Share It token. Each team can only play their token once per game, and what this does is challenge one of the performing players to share their performance on social media for an extra three points. (Players are encouraged to tag pictures and video with #carpoolkaraokegame). 

Is It Fun?

Fans of The Late Late Show with James Corden will enjoy bringing the singing fun into their homes. Yes, the instructions say you can play in the car, but if you're the one driving, please be careful. This game adds a competitive element that's different from the TV segment, and we like that it also combines singing and performance with music trivia.

Who It’s For

Carpool Karaoke Game is for 3 or more players ages 12 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Players who aren't really into the singing and performance aspect of the game might like the trivia part and are given the option to perform a Guess It challenge, even if they've spun Sing It or Work It.

We wish the spinner spun a little better.

The game includes a dashboard, 200 Challenge cards, four Share It tokens, and instructions.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy