Unicorn Bowling Set Review (Ansty Pants)

Unicorn Bowling Set
What It Is

This toy is exactly what it sounds like - you're bowling with unicorn pins! You get six gorgeous, colorful unicorn-shaped pins: two in turquoise, two in lavender, and two in pink. They're made of plastic and have painted-on details with a yellow unicorn horn. The pins are also weighted a bit to keep them upright. Also, in each set you get a pink bowling ball sized for a small child, which has the three inserts where kids place their fingers for a better grip. 

It's very easy for kids to set this up on their own, in a pyramid style or however else they'd like. Children can play alone or with friends. The set looks to be very durable too. It can also easily be played indoors or outdoors. 

Is It Fun?

The set is perfectly sized for small hands. It has kid-friendly colors. Kids can set the pins up indoors or outdoors and it's a form of exercise.

Who It’s For

It's great for kids who enjoy bowling, unicorns, or both! It's a fun way to learn about patience, good sportsmanship, and concentration! Of course, younger kids might just throw the bowling ball, but this is still a good way to introduce them to the sport. 

What To Be Aware Of
It'd be nice if there were more pins. 
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